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Esther Lozano discovered her passion for photography at the ​University of Information Sciences in Madrid, where she initially ​delved into photojournalism. It was here that she first uncovered ​the intricacies of the darkroom, hand-developing films and ​creating black-and-white prints. During this period, she ​embarked on journeys to Central America and Cuba, engaging in ​several photographic projects that culminated in a collective ​exhibition titled "Seven Views from Latin America," which toured ​multiple cities across Spain. Her work also found publication in ​prominent newspapers such as El País and Diario 16.

Further advancing her studies, Esther pursued a Master's degree ​in photography, honing her craft under the guidance of Spain's ​esteemed photographers, including Alberto García Alix, Cristina ​García Rodero, Ouka Lele, Chema Madoz, and Isabel Muñoz, ​among others.

This experience led her to explore the more artistic dimensions of ​photography, and she contributed her works to the collective exhibition ​"Woman, Art, and Commitment," which traversed numerous cities ​nationwide. In 2001, Esther was honored with the "Artistic and Technical ​Quality" award by the Community of Madrid.

Today, Esther balances her roles as a Photography tutor, Documentary ​Filmmaker, SBS Radio journalist, and practitioner of social and artistic ​photography.

Her work has been featured in several group exhibitions in Sydney.


In this series, Esther Lozano explores and reinvents the myth ​of Eve with rawness, irony, and a sense of humor. Eve's ​journey begins with her creation from a bone of Adam.

She progresses through moments such as committing her sin ​by offering the forbidden fruit, seeking revenge, freeing ​herself from the apple's influence, and asserting her identity ​through her femininity.

However, she ultimately becomes a victim of societal ​standards and unfulfilled expectations of bodily beauty, ​culminating in her metaphorical crucifixion.

Eve's journey symbolizes the path experienced by many ​women who face dependency, identity conditioning, and ​societal expectations imposed on their behavior.

Series: Ritual for a life in ​transformation

The Maker, the Bride, the ​Widow and the Butterflies

In a ritual with a magical, dreamlike, and minimalist ​atmosphere, I act and photograph my own performance. I ​utilize the life cycle of the butterfly and the archetypes of the ​creator, the bride, and the widow to represent the identity‘ ​metamorphoses through which women navigate.

The bride is associated with new beginnings and the start of a ​significant journey or chapter in life. The widow suggests loss, ​transition, and the transformative process that follows a ​significant change or ending.

Following that, another cycle will take place.

Urban humans

A photographic exploration into the existential essence of city dwellers, capturing them as individuals navigating urban landscapes, ​their identities merging with the architectural fabric that surrounds them.

It reflects the transient nature of human existence in the city, where faces and forms momentarily emerge and fade away, leaving ​behind a palpable sense of urban solitude and anonymity.


It captures the ethereal nature of this dance form, where t​he ephemeral beauty of movement meets profound hum​an connection​.

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